APA In-Text Citations Written Exclusive Of The Author`s Name

APA (American Psychological Association) style is mostly used for citing sources for the purpose of acknowledging the other’s work. It normally follows the format in which author`s surname and year of publication of the paper are mentioned within parentheses, e.g. (John, 1974) with references at the end of the paper.

 Page numbers are also mentioned when a direct reference is cited. In-text citations are used at the end of a sentence, between the last word and period. However, for writing a term paper help online using in-text citations in APA style by not including the author`s name, one has to follow the guidelines below.

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Reference Citation in Text:

If the work being done does not have any author, source is quoted by referring its title in a single phrase or using the first word or two in brackets. In some cases, the word “Anonymous” is taken as the author`s name followed by a comma and the date of publication, e.g. (Anonymous, 1997). The titles of books and reports are underlined or italicized; and titles of chapters, articles, and web pages are written in quotation marks as it can be seen in the following example.

Imagination leads to wonders (Power of Imagination, 1980)

Imagination leads to wonders (Anonymous, 1980)

Reference List:

For the purpose of identification and retrieving of information on each source, a reference list is used as well for citing all the references of research papers. It has its specific format in this order: authors, titles, page numbers, indentation, underlining and italics etc.

Citations for no author are set alphabetically by title within the same list. The initial word of the title is capitalized. The abbreviation “p. or pp.” is used for assigning page numbers of articles. The first line is indented a little and the lines that follow are indented a few spaces to the right hand side as shown in the example below. For books and journals, italics are preferred over underlining.

For example, for a newspaper editorial, without an author, the reference list is as follows:

After an increase in oil prices, U.S imposes more tax duty on oil. (2002, June 6). The New York Times, p. A7.

In case of a book with no author or editor, in print:

The rise of a Nation (2007). California.

The in-text citations in APA style, in case of no author, follow some set rules which can be observed in this paper. The format is cumbersome, but has to be followed strictly.


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