Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper

This article will provide you guidance on how to write a class research paper for social sciences, in an organized and professional style. It also provides suggestions concerning on specific course assignments and included how to go about their management. You should keep in mind that this is a general guideline, not the ultimatum; hence it should be used in conjunction with the responsible professor’s coaching and requirements.

Types of research paper designs

There are various types of research paper designs, however, before beginning your paper, you need to decide how you will going to design the study. The design refers to the overall strategies of the study in order to integrate the components of it in a coherent and logical way. Note that it is important to determine one type of design because your research paper needs to address the argument or the solution effectively. Research paper includes the blueprint of the collection, measurements, and analysis of data.

General structure and writing style

In social science research, the evidence related to the research paper usually requires the specific type of evidence which is needed to test the theory, accurately describe the phenomenon and also evaluate a program. That’s the reasons the, proficient researchers always begin their investigations far too early. But the problem occurs when your professors expected you to write research paper in a short period of time then you probably hire someone to write a paper or you may type queries on Google search like, do my research paper, can someone write my research paper, pay to write research paper or pay to write my essay and many more. Indeed, writing a research paper is not a piece of cake neither it is impossible to do. Whether you are university or high school students you just need to consider a few things to write an effective and proper research paper. You just need to be focused and determined the topic you have chosen and the second thing to keep in mind is to think critically about what information is required to answer the study’s research questions. Following are the tips that you need to consider before answering the research question.

  1. Identify and analyze the research question clearly and justify its selection.

2. Review previous published material related to your research problem.

3. Clearly and explicitly specify the research problem question.

4. Effectively define your collected data and explain how such data will be obtained.

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  • Action research design

Action research paper refers to a wide variety of investigation, evaluation and analytical research methods which is designed to diagnose problems or weakness in the meantime in an organization, academic or institutional. The action research paper also called a cycle of action or cycle of inquiry. It is easiest and likely methods for the students that they don’t need to pay for research paper.

  • Case study design

A case study is a research methodology is generally used in social sciences, living sciences, ecology, anthropology and psychology. This method is useful in testing theoretical models by using them in real-world situations. A case study is based on an in-depth investigation of a specific research problem rather than a sweeping statistical survey. The case study is useful for testing whether a specific theory actually applies to the phenomena in the real world or not. It is also useful by means of when not much is known about a phenomenon.

  • Casual design

Causal research falls under the category of exploratory or conclusive research because it shows or reveals a cause and effect relationship between two variables. This research design attempts to prove an idea to put forward by an individual or organization. It significantly differs on both its purpose and methods. It is conducted in order to identify the extent and nature of cause-and-effect relationships. This type of research is used to measure what one variable gives an impact on other existing norms and assumptions.

  • Cohort design

The word cohort means a group of people. This type of study involves a group of people. The group of people can be forward-looking or backward-looking. It is an important research tool in sociology. It is useful for studying social change over time by comparing the values and attributes of the different birth cohort. It is useful in terms of seeking to understand the long term effects of shared experiences. It generally gathers data using methods of observation. Cohorts can be either open or closed.

  • Cross-sectional design

A cross-sectional design refers to collect data that is assumed to have been collected with no time dimension, reliance on existing differences rather than change following the intervention. It can only measure the differences between or from among a variety of people, subjects and phenomena rather than change. The researchers only use it when they want a relatively passive approach to make a causal inference based on findings.

1. Choosing a research topic

A topic is the main organizing principles and it guides the study of your research paper. If you are thinking to pay someone to write my paper then it is also important to remember what you topic you choose, as topic offer an occasion for writing and a focus that governs what we want to say. The core of the subject is directly proportional to the topic because it reveal what we discuss, communicate at the topic and what we have discovered new knowledge. However, it is not easy to choose a topic, don’t rush while choosing the topic too quick even for an easy task. Even if you pay someone to write my research paper, they will also ask you about the topic. As a result, it is your duty to think about it right from the start of the course. However, there are generally three ways you are asked to write my term paper or research problem:

1.         Professor may provide you with a general topic from the study which you have learned in a particular class,

2.         Or, the professor may provide you the list of the topic,

3.         Or, the professor may leave it up to you to choose the topic.

2. Preparing to write

Once you have determined the type of research design which you will be going to use in your paper whereby before you decide to focus and determine that now it is time to get started on the actual writing part then there are few things you should consider doing because that will help you to make actual writing process go much smoother.

  • Make a schedule

If your professor doesn’t provide you the schedule to follow in creating and writing a research paper with the deadlines for completing the assignment then drafting a schedule should be your first step. Choose a specific date for important work along with the focus on setting realistic goals as well as sticking to them. Make sure to give enough time to yourself before writing to collect the resources. The best way is to develop a calendar, it will help you to manage time.

  • Analyze the assignment

Carefully analyze the research problem to determine what you are specifically being asked to do. Look for keywords, subject areas, and issue that can help you to frame a research paper in which your interest is in. Make sure that you understand the type of paper. Whenever you pay someone to write a paper they also go through the same process that’s why they deliver you the quality of work.

3. The abstract

An abstract provides a brief overview and aim of the paper, it summarizes usually 300 words or less in one paragraph. It includes:

1.         The overall purpose of the study and the research question

2.         Your investigation on a particular area

3.         The basic design of the study

4.         Major findings or trends found as a result

5.         Brief summary of your interpretations and conclusions

4. Introduction

Once you have gathered all the materials which you will be going to put it in your paper now it is a perfect time to get started on the actual writing part. The best way to start a paper is by writing an introduction first. Unlike other content, you can actually write the research paper in the first-person version. This is an important formal version of writing an introduction, in which you are the narrator as well as a subject. It is an important part of your paper, it should be strong because readers always read introduction paragraphs to analyze or understand what you have made an argument. It leads readers from the general subject area to a specific topic of inquiry.

5. Literature review

Basically, a literature review is the organized written analysis of previously published research on a particular topic which you have collected during the survey of scholarly articles, books and other sources related to the specific issue and area of research. It is compulsory in the paper because this is how you demonstrate your readers how your research fits into the larger field of study. The importance of the literature review is widely recognized by all scholars and even the sites where you pay to write an essay paper. Hence, you can’t write intelligently about a subject until you are familiar with existing literature. Therefore, there are number of approaches you could adopt depending upon the type of analysis underpinning your study. It includes:

•           Argumentative review: This approach examines literature in order to support or disprove an argument.

•           Integrated review: This is the most common form of review in the social sciences. This approach shows the reviews, analyses, and makes representative literature on a topic in an integrated way.

•           Historical review: This form examines research throughout a period of time, concept, theory, often starting with the first time an issue, occurrence in the literature then tracing its evolution within the scholarship of a discipline.

•           Methodological review: This review doesn’t focus on what someone said and who said but how they came about saying what they say is more important. In other words, instead of focusing on findings its focus on methods of analysis.

•           Systematic review: This form focuses on a specific experimental question which often posed in a cause-and-effect form. It consists of existing evidence overview to a research problem which is used to pre-specified and standardized methods to identify and critically appraise relevant research moreover to collect report and to analyze data from the studies which are included in the review.

•           Theoretical review: The purpose of this approach is to examine the amount of theory that has accumulated with respect to an issue, theory, concept, and phenomena.

Whenever you pay for paper writing ask them which approach they have used in literature review so if your professor asks you then you will be not blank.

6. Methodology

This part of the research paper describes what action has been taken in order to investigate a research question. It is the foundation of the specific procedures or techniques that are used to identify, process, select and analyze information applied to understand the problem thus it allows the reads to critically evaluate overall study validity and reliability. Methodology section in a research paper answers two questions that are;

•           How was the data collected or generated?

•           How was it analyzed?

The writing should be direct and precise and always uses past tense in it. Even if you pay someone to write my research paper, you have to check whether the writer uses past tense in it or not because the social science’s research paper has its rules and standards.

7. The result

The result section of social science’s research paper represents the core findings of a study which is derived from the methods that you have applied in order to gather and analyze information. This section should state the findings of the research arranged in a logical sequence without the bias or interpretation from the author. Result section is necessary if your paper includes data which is generated from your own research.

8. The discussion

However, the discussion section is probably the most difficult part of the research paper because here you have to think deeply about the specific results that you have obtained in your experiment and relate them to the aims, interpret them and generalize from them. The discussion will always connect to the introduction by the way of the research problem you posed and the literature which you reviewed. The discussion clearly explains how the study advanced the reader’s understanding of the research problem.

9. The conclusion

The conclusion is the last part of the final chord in a song. It should make the listener feel that the piece is complete and well done. The same is true for your readers. You want to make them encouraged that what you have stated in the thesis is supported in it. This section shouldn’t sound too dry. For most college-level research papers there is one or two well-developed paragraph sufficient for a conclusion even though in some cases there are three or more paragraphs may be required.

10. Proofreading your paper

It is the most important part of every paper. If you think you have written your paper then you are probably wrong. You need editing and proofreading to improve the quality of your research paper. It is an act of searching for errors before you published it. These errors can be grammatical, logical and typographical in nature. 

11. Citing sources

The section tells readers that certain information or material came in your work from another source. It gives reads the information necessary to find that source again. The way in which you add your sources depends on the writing style which is usually your professors tell you what they want you to use for the class such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, etc.

Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a list of resources with citations which is related to a particular topic. Each citation in an annotated bibliography is followed by a brief description and evaluative paragraph. The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader the quality, relevance, and accuracy of the sources cited.

Giving an oral presentation

In some classes writing the research paper is not only the last part required from students. Some professors may also require students to give an oral presentation about their study and findings.

Grading someone else’s paper

The grading someone else paper is a cooperative learning process where you refer to activities conducted wither the inside or outside of the classroom. Student’s review, evaluate and in some cases actually recommend grades on the quality of their peer’s work. If you pay someone to write an essay paper then there are many chances of getting good grades.

How to manage group projects

As painful as group work in a college, it can actually beneficial in the long run because it closely parallels the group of dynamics of participating on a committee. Whatever the work is, the opportunity of working with others rather than your own always the best option and it provides distinct benefits.

Writing a book review

Indeed a review is a thoughtful description, critical analysis, and evaluation of the quality, meaning, and importance of a book. Reviews can be of 500 words to 1000 words but it can be longer or shorter depending on the length and complexity of the book.

Writing a field report

The purpose of writing a field report in social sciences is used to describe the observation of people, places and or events. Moreover, it is used to analyze observation data to identify and categorize common themes in relation to the research problem.

Writing a policy memo

A policy memo provides analysis or recommendations related to a predetermined audience regarding a specific topic. It reflects the attention to the research problem. Generally, a policy memo is a practical and professionally written document which varies from one page to over one hundred pages.

Writing a research proposal

The goal of writing a research paper is to present and justify the need to study a research question and to present it in the practical ways in which the proposed study should be conducted. It contains extensive literature reviews.

How to motivate students academically?

Motivation during an academic term, is something which has its ups and downs. From the early days of the academic term, where all the spirits are high, students are looking forward to something new. They want to work as hard as they can and excel in all areas of their academic term and courses. As the term progresses, all the spirit starts to fade down, all that motivation starts to drain with severe competition and academic stress. The deadlines and assignments seem to pile up, which makes it difficult for students to concentrate and provide quality work.


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  • New technology trends: Sometimes the old ways of teaching can become too clichéd. Bringing new modern ways of teaching and information can help in interactivity and motivation levels among students. Teachers can start promoting technological use, like of computers, power point presentations and other forms of electronic learning. This also helps increase the understanding among students. New technology has been highly appreciated among institutions that have adopted these ways of classroom teaching. It has clearly seen a rise in the student’s participation levels, understanding and help in building motivation.
  • Creativity and Interaction: Some teachers believe in one way communication. After some time, this becomes very boring. Creativity and interaction is one of the most highly appreciated ways of teaching and help in students understand better, share problems with teachers and stay motivated at school. Teachers should be more open to students, allow them to build trust and confidence. This also affects the likeability of teachers, once this happens, motivation increases to a significant level
  • New kinds of assignments: It is important that teachers move away from traditional assignments and clichéd forms of academic challenges. It is time, where students are given new ways of excelling in courses through projects that allow team building, learning, taking initiatives and much more than just writing. New kinds of learning offer students something different to comprehend and analyze. Such ways can help students overcome the fear of weaknesses they have from existing assignment methods.

Essay writing rules for advanced writers

Essay writing begins from the basic stage, but goes on to last till the time you leave your academic life. It comes in all forms and variations. Simply put, an essay is anything which is a combination of different paragraphs and relates to a particular or specific topic of interest. So any kind of story writing can also be called a form of an essay, while your thesis and dissertation could also be termed into the umbrella of an essay. However, there are unique names given to all different variants in order to particularly understand what is being talked about.

Advanced essay writing usually begins towards the end of college and beginning of universities. There are many different online essay writing sites, which also become a popular phenomenon by the time students reach this level of academia. In order to help them and assist in writing some of the most advanced essays, there are some rules that we will suggest. Following these rules will not only have a positive impact on their writing, but also delivers promising work.

The first and foremost rule to advanced essay writing is filtering and narrowing down the topic as much as you can. Advanced essays cover much broader spectrum, in order to cater to exactly the most relevant parts of essay it is important to narrow down your topic. Filtering will allow you to clear out unnecessary writing, which we also call fillers. Fillers not only affect the quality of your essay but also distract the readers from the main point of discussion.

Second rule of advanced essay writing is sections and paragraphs. Yes, there are 3 fundamental sections or paragraphs of an essay, but there is no harm if those sections or paragraphs could be broken down further into sub paragraphs. Paragraphs and sub-paragraphs help readers take a little breather and digest what is being said before moving on to the next section. Continuous flow of writing will make them forget what was said earlier, in the quest of trying to understand what is being said on the present lines. This is why most advanced essays and write-ups are broken down into numerous paragraphs.

Short sentences and credible use of language or facts is the third most important rule to effective essay writing at advanced levels. Usually when students concentrate on tackling a difficult topic, they tend to offer negligence on the grammar and language parts. This is a mistake, which quite often kills the remarkable quality of a really good essay.


The reasons for the importance of college essay assignments!

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The goal while writing essays at college is to develop a self-portrait of your own personal views which can make you stand out and make you run ahead in the class competition and overall in the schools. To achieve this, the essays must be inserted with creative material, thoughtful views, and compelling arguments. There are certain key elements in all the essays which must be emphasized so they can get noticed by the reader. You can also maintain the individuality of every written piece and in a clear theme by inserting the opening sentences which are engaging and writing the conclusion in such a way that it ties up the highlighted points in the essay and present it in a complete and rational unit. Every paper which is written must be formulated in a manner so that the reader must realize about the importance of the content. Students are worried about the essays all the time. They think about the extent, methods, and the message which is to be transferred to others. This is not a painless process and want to get rid of this laborious work, then you have to pay for homework assignments to get a pleasurable experience. The essay work is also given, so an influential and affective connection can be made by the writer to the reader. These can assist the readers to coerce themselves, be magnetized, and captivated by the material in the essay. The writer has to reveal the originality and illuminate the curiosity in the essay by their words. The teachers will be really inspired from your work when they will find a unique voice carved in your words.

Online Services – The Solution To Your Paper Writing Problems

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Find A Service To Help Out On Your Research Paper

Sometimes, students fall back in terms of grades simply because their writing skills are not as polished as they would like. At college, there is no real way to escape writing papers so when comes the time to write a research paper, something that requires much time and effort, many students face trouble. The writing of such papers is usually broken into two bits: the research and the actual writing itself. There are students who excel at research, but don’t do as well when they actually write it, and then there are students who are not as adept at researching topics. For both, the solution is really quite simple. Hire an online service that can help you out.

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Why are paper writing services so popular?

Nowadays, many students at some point in their lives hire someone to write their essay or paper due to the increasing workload, strict requirements, short deadlines and intense competition. This is a proof of how well established and widespread this industry is as students all over the world are becoming increasingly dependent on their services.

Some of the reasons why these academic writing agencies are becoming so popular are listed below for your reading.

The main reason for the popularity of essay help writing services  is that they provide papers that are written by well versed and certified professional writers. The students are guaranteed that they will get well researched and professionally written papers to ensure maximum grades.

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All the students who just do not want to quit and make the best of their situation hire help to assist them in difficult times. May be this is considered as a way out of working hard by some critics, but for other troubled students it is considered as a savior in hard times.