How to go about writing your article smartly?

When you are writing an article, naturally the responsibility is much higher than with any other writing. Your audience is mostly mature and well educated and has experience in reading articles, so any glitches can hurt the credibility of your publisher.

 The first step towards writing your article is building a sound knowledge base. You must be confident about your background knowledge and also aware of any recent developments related to your topic.  A sound knowledge base serves a dual purpose. Firstly, if the knowledge you impart through your article is more than what your reader has, then it makes your article much more intriguing and useful for the reader. Secondly, it gives you a free hand with the words and paragraphs since you have enough material to construct your writing.  Getting your facts straight is also imperative.  The moment your reader spots a factual error in your article, there is a good chance he or she would stop reading right there.

 When you set off writing, you must decide what your strategy is going to be for the expression of thought. To draw the attention of the reader and then to maintain it throughout the article, you need to use strong phrases and sentences that evoke a reaction from your reader. You must show your reader that you are really passionate about your say on this topic. It is also important not to deviate from your stance at any point in the article. There should be a lasting impact on your reader about the point you were making.

From the language point of view, it is important that the article is not too long. Your article might be interesting, but if it is turning out to be too lengthy for your readers’ concentration span, then it loses some points. Difficult words, although they look fancy, can cause hindrance in the flow of the reader. While you have a pretty good command of the English language, the majority of your audience is used to communicating in simple language. A difficult word that the reader has not heard of before can cause the whole sentence or maybe the whole paragraph to become cloudy. There is very little chance that the reader will open a thesaurus or search a meaning on Google every time he or she encounters a difficult word.

So the next time you try your hand at article writing, make sure you take care of the above steps. Goodbye!


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