Learn how to get your head around the complexities of Applied Math

Mathematics is not famous among the common folk, I think we all accept that; and there are reasonable arguments of people regarding this situation, among which the most unarguable is that it is not easy. Applied Mathematics on the other hand, is a very interesting subject; put in simple words, it deals with the science of applying the principles of mathematics to solve practical problems. Applied mathematics is the backbone of many domains of education, such as engineering, business and the like. Interesting it may be, but getting your head around it is a luxury, which not many can enjoy.


Today, let’s see what we can discuss in this regard. Applied math is not something that you can learn from a few days’ effort; actually becoming an expert in this field requires some pre-requisites and some certain rules:

  1. Make up your mind soon. Don’t wait till college, thinking what subjects you intend to study in later classes. Take subjects related to applied mathematics in school and work hard to get the best of grades in them.
  2. Seek guidance; not many of us would have parents with degrees in mathematics so meet up with your school’s counselor and ask them to help you choose the specific subjects for your future.
  3. This is something that is too obvious: taking applied mathematics courses at the college level. You can’t get a job or excel in the field if you don’t have a degree. Most corporations and bureaus in the world require you to have a degree at least if not a doctorate to be eligible for the post.
  4. Read books. Books, even in this era of technology can still be considered as the biggest oceans of knowledge and information in this world. Engage in self-study, practice assignment exercises and assess yourself regularly.
  5. If you consider yourself not capable of doing this all yourself, hire a tutor or a mentor who could guide you; and this is nothing to be ashamed of, applied mathematics is a field that often requires professional guidance and if you feel the need of it, make sure you get it.
  6. Never abandon the interest; have passion in what you do, because if your heart doesn’t approve of your solving degree-8 differential equations, then trust me, there is no way you can solve them. Love what you do and do what you love.


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