Our Privacy Policy explained here

It is quite natural to be skeptical and anxious regarding the privacy of your information. Privacy in all cases is a serious matter, especially in dealings like these. While working with us there is no need to be apprehensive regarding your security because we guard your privacy like our own. You should be assured that all information that we ask of you is strictly forprofessional usage. The reason why we require your personal information is because we have to keep you informed regarding the status of the levels of your work’s completion. It is also to make sure that you aren’t a fake case and also to communicate in case of any emergency or issue regarding your work. The details of your credit card are not open or accessible to any third party, not even our workers or writers. There is no need to worry about your card information being exploited because once all the payment issues are dealt with, your information automatically gets removed. In case of plagiarism you have the right to demand a payment refund (see Refund Policy). If you are confused regarding cookies, don’t be. What happens is that sometimes some information or data of a website gets saved by the web browser so as to learn how popular a website is. Your specific identity is never revealed so it is harmless in terms of safety.All the communication that happens between you and our writer is our property and we can use it if you wish to put forth a case against our writer for not having adhered to your requirements. Having said all this, we have the right to change our Privacy Policyany time we are required to, so in order to avoid any inconveniences or misunderstandings make sure you are updated accordingly.