Relationship between Google & Authors and Google & Publishers

Relationship between Google and Authors
As far as the nature of relationship of Google and authors is concerned one has to say that most of authors are pretty happy with the manners in which the things are shaping, most of them perceive this situation as a win-win one. The authors are getting popularity and fame as their work is being recognized by the masses; the research papers which circulate around the world due to the virtue of Google Scholar is something which has the potential to make these authors popular even amongst the intellectual circles. Moreover generally it has been observed that the revenues of the authors are going upward, this obviously is a positive sign for them and for the whole publishing industry as well. The works are being properly cited and so there are no complaints as yet regarding plagiarism and piracy. Another interesting thing in this aspect is that once the readers find that author is providing them in-depth and apt knowledge regarding the issue they get curious and read other publications tagged under his name; this too serves as a mean of increasing the revenue amount for the writers.

Relationship between Google and Publishers
The nature of the relationship between the Google and the writers has been discussed above and in contrast the working relationship between Google and the publishers have not been exemplary as yet. Most of the publishers are concerned about Print Library Project and have strong reservations regarding this project. The issue has been raised even in the courts, several law suits have been filed in this regard. Some of the authorities which are related to publications of journals are also showing the same signs of anxiety and restlessness.



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