Term and Conditions of our company

It is necessary for you to go through the points below because working with us would automatically signify that you have agreed to all of our Terms and Conditions. Read them carefully and thoroughly in order to avoid any misunderstandings. For further queries see FAQs.


1)      If we get to know about stolen credit cards or illegal transactions, we will immediately report it to the police. Although in case we are not aware of the illegality of the transaction, we will not be held accountable for it.

2)      In case a deadline isn’t met by our worker, a refund of your payment will be made. Whether it is partial or full, that would depend on an overview of the entire situation.

3)      If the reason for the delay is a fault of the customer, no refund will be made. To be fair in this aspect, all the communication will be through email so that the reason for the delay is evident.

4)      If the completed assignment does not satisfy the client, a free revision is available. This policy can be availed for 14 working days or 30 working days depending on the length of the assignment.

5)      If you want to change your requirements you will have to notify again and that will be charged extra under ‘editing’.

6)      The client is required to present with any resources that they have that aren’t generally available.

7)      If you are dissatisfied with the work you can request your money back within the next three days. After that you lose the eligibility.

8)      For cancellation, do it before the order has been shifted to the writer.The payment of the transaction is non-refundable.

9)      The company has the power to deny or approve the refund appeal.

10)   There is a system of verification for the customers to send their billing information for the order to become official; it depends on the kind and length of the assignment. It goes like this:

  • For 12 hours delivery: a verification period of 20 minutes.
  • For 12-24 hours delivery: a verification period of an hour.
  • For 2-10 days delivery: a verification period of 8 hours.

11)   If you fail to get your order in time it will be due to the following reasons: Billing information not sent within the verification period, incorrect billing or personal information given, payments delayed, revision sought by the client, the client not replying to the writer’s messages on time (which will automatically render the payment non-refundable).