What are the 3 main characteristics that make an outstanding writer?

There are different characteristics that make a writer a first-rate writer. Firstly, it is his ability to lure in the reader and keep his attention fixed on his words as if nothing beyond those words is real. This is what most people refer to as the writer’s style of writing. If a writer’s style of writing is gripping and it speaks to the intended reader then many a reader will go on to read his work even if they don’t like the content of the material written.
Secondly, what makes a writer a good one is the ability of the writer to bring his words to life. Ask any fan of the fantasy genre as to why they follow stories that aren’t even remotely plausible and they will look at you as if you’ve lost your mind. This is so because the stories of the fantasy worlds like Narnia, Hogwarts, Westeros and The Middle Earth are akin to reality in their perceptions. This ability to create an entirely different but equally real world with words alone is what makes a writer good. To put in other words, the descriptive ability to vividly bring imagination to life is what makes a writer good.
Thirdly, a good writer like any other professional needs dedication. Nothing can be achieved based on talent alone. Hard work and dedication is required if one aims to succeed in any endeavour be it writing or any other field of work. Many writers who are good at it do not make it because they lack the dedication and are not willing to put in the effort to make it work. So, even if the writer has a gripping style and can paint a vivid and beautiful picture of his imagination to his readers but does not take the time and effort to work on a piece of writing for the required period of time then the writer can hardly be termed as a good writer.
Last, but not the least, a good writer is one who does not violate the trust of his audience. What a writer and his readers enjoy is a relationship of mutual trust. If a writer is, say, writing a series of articles or novels then he owes it to his readership to maintain the overall storyline or theme of his writings. If he starts with one idea in mind and promises that idea to his readership then he should stick to it. And if he does not stick to it, then he is said to have breached the trust of his audience. So, in light of this, a good writer is one who delivers on his promise to his audience and does not breach the trust placed in him by them.
Hence, if a writer possesses all these qualities, he is said to be a good writer. If you require professional writing aid contact us today to write a research paper for you!


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